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Daddy Got Custody: Helping Good Parents Win Custody of their Kids

Nov 18, 2018

Fred Campos, @FullCustodyDad, answers the most commonly asked question he gets... "How did you win full custody of your 4-year-old daughter?"

Fred reflects backs and interviews post jury members as to why he was award full custody of his then 4-year-old daughter over the mother in this episode.  Furthermore, he outlines...

Sep 9, 2018

Fred Campos, @FullCustodyDad, interviews Los Angeles writer and director, John Lacy.  Mr. Lacy has just released "Custody Road" a serious child custody film that deals with the struggles a father would go through to gain full custody of his son.

John shares insight into the making of the movie, his thoughts on marriage...

Sep 2, 2018

Fred Campos, @FullCustodyDad, answers seven questions in dealing or communicating with your Ex. 

  1. “How do I deal with my Ex?”
  2. "Advice on written communication?"
  3. "How do you deal with a false CPS accusation?"
  4. "How much effort would you promote the other side seeing their child?"
  5. "How do you deal with a child that...

Aug 6, 2018

Fred Campos, @FullCustodyDad, interviews Tulsa, OK based attorney, James M. Wirth. Together they discuss divorce and child custody Tulsa and Oklahoma based law including:

10 Day Waiting Period for divorce with no kids.

2-2-3 Plan of shared custody 50/50 custody with small kids.

The Pitfalls of restraining or protective...

Jul 28, 2018


Fred Campos, @FullCustodyDad, interviews Los Angeles / Calabasas CA attorney, Matthew A. Breddan.  Together they discuss divorce and child custody including:

The reasons you need an attorney.

How to work well with the attorney you pick.

Interesting California child custody law.

How to work with your Ex for the...